Cement Compression Testing System - Universal Test Machine 200/10 kN.


EN 7500/1 grad.2. Sturdy frame with two-column compression test frame and attached flexure/bending installation.
Load is generated via an alectro-hydraulic pump integrated in the oil tank.
For load measurement, two pressure gauges 250 mm diameter are provided with maximum Value pointer.
The load increase is controlled by a precision pressure governor with fine regulating valve and hand wheel.
The upper pressure plate is mounted to a ball and socket joint, allowing an inclination of 3°.
Both pressure plates are hardened (58 HRc) and surface grinded.
The upper and one lower bending rollers are movable.
Cement Testing System includes a protecting grid around the test chamber.

Asphalt Analyser - Asphaltanalysator ecoTest


• Fmax. Compression 200kN

• Measuring range 20..200kN

• Pressure plates 40 x 40 mm

• Piston stroke 50 mm

• Vertical clearance 50 mm

• Width between columns 220 mm

• Fmax. Bending 10 kN



• Measuring range 1...10 kN

• Bending Rollers  Ø 10 x 50 mm

• Clearance between lower rollers 100 mm

• Piston Stroke 50 mm

• Weight approx. 400 kg

• 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 P+N+PE., 1.5kW


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