Concrete Testing System. 35-0800

Concrete Testing System - Compression / Bending Test Machine 3000/100kN

Compression / Bending Test Machine 3000/100kN - EN 7500/1 grad. 1 – 12390/4 • ASTM C 78

Sturdy, bolted 4-columns test frame with supporting structure and attached bending test frame 100 kN. The upper pressure plate is mounted to a ball and socket joint, allowing an inclination of 3°. Both pressure plates are hardened (53HRc) and surface grinded.

The hydraulic piston is made of solid steel and specially treated to eliminate stress and special seals are used to guarantee low friction.

The bending test frame is equipped with one upper and two adjustable lower bending rollers

Load is generated via an electro-hydraulic pump integrated in the oil tank and controlled by a precision pressure governor with fine regulating valve and hand wheel.

The power unit together with the micro-processor controlled load indication system with menu control, 5 digit LED display with peak memory and interface RS 232 C with peak output is installed in a separate control cupboard installed to the right of the machine

The machine is supplied with CE protecting panes around the test chamber.


Load range compression 3000kN • Measuring range 120..3000kN • Piston stroke 65 mm

Upper pressure plate 320 mm dia • Lower pressure plate 300 mm dia • Vertical clearance 340 mm

Biegekraft (Bending Force) 100kN • Load range bending 4..100kN • Piston stroke 220mm • Vertical clearance 220 mm

Bending roller length 510 mm • Bending roller dia 40 mm • Lower bending roller distance 80..900 mm

Dimensions 1145 x 1030 x 2010 mm • Weight 2310 kg • 400 V. 50 Hz, 3 P+N+PE, 1.5 kW

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